​Link to our appearance on Studio 62 in support of 2016 Artisphere! 

Donna Kay with the Spartanburg Jazz Ensemble, Summer 2015

Vibe Vox, 2013


Experimental Improvisation 

The experimental, "free" music improvisation duet, Vibe Vox, gives me the chance to express stripped down vocalizations drenched in effects - a complete departure from perfecting rich jazz melodies. 

Vibe Vox was granted an Artist in Residence in Berlin, German, where we played and studied from July 21, 2014 until August 20, 2014. There were two concerts, one in Berlin and one in Prague, Czech, while we were in Europe. 

I began "Notes For Today" sometime in the mid-2000's after I had worked with musicians in many genres on arrangements, harmonies, lyrics, effects, recordings and other performance techniques, promotions and marketing. Before I began singing jazz in 2010, I played a supporting role in bands. Favorite collaborations include my work with Atlanta's Liar's Club, Wonderful Johnson (Naples, FL) and my duet with percussionists/vibraphonist Daniel Z called Vibe Vox. I have to admit, fronting The Carousers is very fulfilling, but I couldn't pull it off without the support of the band. 


Vocals (G3 - C5)






Bass Guitar

​Ukulele (Beginner!)

Press Materials

Event Promotion

​Lip Service

Born: Donna Kay Smith, in Lynchburg, VA
Cities: Atlanta, GA; Austin, TX; Charlottesville, VA; Naples, FL; Greenville, SC
Credits: King-Kill/33 Degrees, The Hookers, Liar's Club, Tim McGeary & Wonderful Johnson, Daniel Z Trio, Cheer Down, Donna Kay Trio, Vibe Vox (Daniel Z / Donna Kay), The Spartanburg Jazz Ensemble, &

The Carousers

Emcee/Guest Judge Open Mic Night, Smiley's Acoustic Cafe


​​​​​​Vibe Vox Jazz Lecture Series
"You & Daniel were excellent & this is probably the most high-concept gig I've seen in Greenville."

- L. Phillips (fellow musician, April 2013)

King-Kill/33 (Degrees)
“Always one of the city’s most interesting and confounding groups from that fruitful period – juxtaposing intense, menacing avant-rock music with bizarre performance art and disorienting multimedia projections, capped by Foy’s coiled ‘n’ boiling delivery...”- Jeff Clark, (Editor, Stomp and Stammer Magazine [Atlanta] Nov 2012)

Donna Kay (Vocalist)
"Donna is like a foamy green wave that pounds the base of a high cliff at night. In constant transition, never resting, the completion of each cycle the start of the next, turbulent, dark, compelling and intimidating." C. Dickson (Writer/fan, March 2015)

Donna Kay

I'm definitely not a solo musician


Photo by Lori Hopkins Lucas/Digital Eye