This year came in with a BANG at 13 Stripes Brewery. They hosted a ticketed, class-A party. We hope to get back there this spring or summer. Monty is working on booking festivals this year, while I concentrate on writing and we all record our second release. A lot has changed with our methodology in recording and I can't wait to take a more hands on approach to tracking and producing our Western Swing EP, Devil Water. 

  Members of our Facebook group "Berries & Darbs" already have a copy of Devil Water, an edited version that will not be the same as on the CD. So, we are always trying to give our patrons special offerings, and we appreciate the support! 

  Now in our fourth year, we will be booking less locally and also more private events, so stay tuned for places you can catch us. We are working to reach our new fans in NC and GA as well.

  Donna Kay

Thank you for visiting! We love you. 

The Carousers at IPA (Greenville). (L-R) Hans Wolff, Reed Miller, Monty Craig, Donna Kay, Kevin Korschgen (not pictured: Robert Nance).

Photo by Robert Gowen/Greenville Underworld