The Carousers at IPA (Greenville). (L-R) Hans Wolff, Reed Miller, Monty Craig, Donna Kay, Kevin Korschgen (not pictured: Robert Nance).

Photo by Robert Gowen/Greenville Underworld

  Wrapping up a Carousing 2nd Year!
   November, 2016
   Well, there’s fire blazing on our mountains and in our hearts here in Upstate SC.
   Monty Craig and I spent 10 hours October 30th at Echo Mountain Recording Studios in Asheville, NC, mixing the seven songs chosen for our first release. It’s been a long time coming.

   First, we built our book of 30+ specially arranged vintage cover tunes so we could entertain our great fans and test the waters in our market. (Seems we floated! We’re making new friends and fans at every show. Thanks!)
   Then I began furiously writing originals and resurrecting tunes I had written before forming The Carousers. The band “tracked” (recorded raw) the songs locally at Incident Music Labs, and now, after a great mixing session, we’re getting quote on mastering the tunes for the final product.
   To say, “I can’t wait” would be a gross understatement!
   We can all see how nostalgia works, evidenced by all of the bands from the 1970s – 90s that are regrouping, touring, releasing documentaries, and even inspiring one-off “appreciation” shows and tribute bands. Unfortunately, everyone who listened to the great American music of the 1920s, 30s and 40s is dead. So, we bring the past into the future through song, and celebrate the heritage of early Jazz.
   Jazz is American, first. Even the Sinta and Roma “gypsy jazz” is credited by several music researchers as coming from Philadelphia’s Eddie Lang and Joe Venuti. They carried the style to France and inspired Django Reinhardt, who blended the it with the “manouche” style and made the “new” genre wildly popular! Festivals in his honor are held nationwide every year. I am in awe of him.
   While on a residency in Berlin in 2014, I saw lots of ex-pat Americans playing jazz in some great venues. American blues is also very popular in Berlin. The weekly vocal jam where I sang (the marvelous Mokka Bar) was lead by a Canadian bassist and featured an ex-pat vocalist from New Zealand.

   Jazz brings the world together…
   Join our Caravan and find out why!

   Donna Kay