The Carousers at IPA (Greenville). (L-R) Hans Wolff, Reed Miller, Monty Craig, Donna Kay, Kevin Korschgen (not pictured: Robert Nance).

Photo by Robert Gowen/Greenville Underworld


Going Modern with the 1940s
  When I started the band in 2014, I began choosing tunes from the 1920s and 1930s, and writing original tunes that would honor those styles of music.  Seeing an opportunity for a real live local dance band, several dance organizers approached me, wanting to "give me notes."  I believe anyone who knows me can guess how far that went!  I politely declined until convinced it would be worth it to "go there" and we played our first swing dance. I felt it went OK, and it was fun!

  We continued to add tunes from the 1940s in our private shows, by request and due to their sheer popularity.  Eventually, we played another dance, Swing in the Swamp (Augusta, GA), and got to know the Greenville Lindy Hoppers, who would come to our local shows and dance to promote their organization and get the crowds moving.  This organic evolution led to The Carousers playing GVLX 8, this year's swing dance festival.  I was happy to host Moonshine Rhythm Club at my house, and play for the dancers on NOMA  Square, June 23rd.  It was awesome! 

  We've also connected with The Roaring '20s Hot Jazz Dance Club in Charleston, SC for a few shows a year at Prohibition Charleston.  Every time we play there it's just complete whopee! I placed a 1-minute sample video to your left.  Check it out.

  We're still staying true to the 1920s and 1930s, but I just wrote a new swing dance tune called, "Freight Train Bound" and I cannot wait to finish it up.  THANKS to all the Swing Dancers that are choosing us for streams, playlists and live events, and THANKS FOR CAROUSING!

  Donna Kay

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