Our 2nd GVLX! 2019

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Our 1st GVLX!  2018


The Carousing '20s!
  Reflecting on a new decade of '20s, I kept hearing "The New Roaring '20s" and it just fell FLAT with me. I mean, sure, we can love the art, the design, the threads, the hooch, the parties! But what about the 1930s? What about what happened after the "roaring 20s"? I for one do not want to repeat history, so I crafted a new hashtag and logo for the coming decade: #tc20s. 

Try it out! #tc20s will lead you to our shows and other shows that feature the greatest American-made music on Earth.

In OTHER EXCITING NEWS, I am now hosing a MONTHLY VINTAGE MUSIC SERIES in my new city, Charleston! 

Speakeasy Sundays will be held on the LAST Sunday of every month in 2020. The location is the fabulous new concept store, Smoke N Brew. Don't let the store front fool you, there is a full beer garden brimming with delights in the back. I hope everyone will come check out Charleston's best music preservationists in #tc20s. 

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  Donna Kay