2019 ~ It's almost the Roaring Twenties!
  Looking forward to many new sets in 2019. I sold my Greenville digs and have been visiting visiting family and friends, recording standards and new tunes and looking for new opportunities to sing.  The Carousers' first single of 2019 will likely be "Tip Jar," with our Valentine release following close on its heels. "A Lonely Valentine" was written by Estelle Craig, and is the second song of hers we have recorded.

  Due to evolving projects and changing schedules, I will be featuring a number of new people in our Carousing line up. I am looking forward to exploring other instruments in the group. So stay tuned for new sights and sounds. I'll be updating this blog after I have confirmed a residency of sorts in Greenville that will feature a lot of local jazz and blues talent this year!

  Another exciting development, I paid to promote our single "Devil Water" and we have been introduced to more than two thousand new people with more than 25,000 Spotify Streams.  Please add us to your playlist,

all of our songs are available on the platform.

  Check out the You Tube channel for more zany fun!


  Donna Kay

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